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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Male and female breeding strategies in a cooperative primateYamamoto, Maria Emilia; Araújo, Arrilton; Arruda, Maria de Fátima; Lima, Ana Karinne Moreira; Siqueira, Jose de Oliveira; Hattori, Wallisen Tadashi
2014Foraging activity rhythms of dinoponera quadriceps (Hymenoptera: formicidae) in its natural environmentMedeiros, Jeniffer; Azevedo, Dina L. O.; Santana, Melquisedec A. D.; Lopes, Talita R. P.; Araújo, Arrilton
2014Adjustments in the time, distance and direction of foraging in dinoponera quadriceps workersAzevedo, Dina L. O.; Medeiros, Jeniffer C.; Araújo, Arrilton
2012Seasonal activity of dinoponera quadriceps santschi (formicidae, ponerinae) in the semi-arid caatinga of northeastern BrazilMedeiros, Jeniffer; Araújo, Arrilton; Araújo, Helder F. P.; Queiroz, João Paulo C.; Vasconcellos, Alexandre
2014Workers’ extra-nest behavioral changes during colony fission in dinoponera quadriceps (Santschi)Medeiros, J.; Araújo, Arrilton
2016When the fledglings red-footed boobies (Sula sula) acquire flight capacityRodrigues, Marcelo Câmara; Araújo, Arrilton; Arruda, Maria de Fátima
2017Anticonvulsant effects of fractions isolated from dinoponera quadriceps (Kempt) ant venom (Formicidae: ponerinae)Nôga, Diana Aline Morais Ferreira; Brandão, Luiz Eduardo Mateus; Cagni, Fernanda Carvalho; Silva, Delano; Azevedo, Dina Lilia Oliveira de; Araújo, Arrilton; Santos, Wagner Ferreira dos; Miranda, Antonio; Silva, Regina Helena da; Ribeiro, Alessandra Mussi
2016Nest maintenance activity of dinoponera quadriceps in a natural environmentMedeiros, Jeniffer; Azevedo, Dina Lillia Oliveira de; Santana, Melquisedec Abiare Dantas de; Araújo, Arrilton
2015Pro-and anticonvulsant effects of the ant dinoponera quadriceps (Kempf) venom in miceFerreira, Diana Aline Nôga Morais; Cagni, Fernanda Carvalho; Santos, J. R.; Silva, D.; Azevedo, D. L. O.; Araújo, Arrilton; Silva, R. H.; Ribeiro, A. M.