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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Feb-2015Quantifying magnetic anisotropy dispersion: theoretical and experimental study of the magnetic properties of anisotropic FeCuNbSiB ferromagnetic filmsAlves, T. M. L.; Bezerra, Claudionor Gomes; Viegas, A.D.C.; Nicolodi, S.; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin; Bohn, Felipe
14-Feb-2020Disclosing the structural, electronic, magnetic, and morphological properties of CuMnO2: a unified experimental and theoretical approachSantiago, Anderson de Azevedo Gomes; Tranquilin, Ricardo Luis; Oliveira, Marisa Carvalho de; Ribeiro, Renan Augusto Pontes; Lazaro, Sérgio Ricardo de; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin; Bohn, Felipe; Silva, Elson Longo da; Motta, Fabiana Villela da; Delmonte, Maurício Roberto Bomio
16-Jun-2020Waiting-time statistics in magnetic systemsSousa, Ivandson Praeiro de; Lima, Gustavo Zampier dos Santos; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin; Sommer, Rubem Luis; Corso, Gilberto; Bohn, Felipe
Sep-2018Bi4Ti3O12 multilayered ceramic tapes produced by aqueous tape casting and laminating process: structural and dielectric propertiesPaskocimas, Carlos Alberto; Peres, Ana Paula da Silva; Costa, Antonio Carlos Silva da; Bohn, Felipe; Correa, Marcio Assolin; Acchar, Wilson
21-Nov-2010Theoretical and experimental study of Fe/Cr nanometric quasiperiodic multilayersSouza, Thatyara Freire de; Gonçalves, Charlie Salvador; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin; Feitosa, Carlos Chesman de Araújo; Oliveira, Alexandre Barbosa de; Bohn, Felipe; Bezerra, Claudionor Gomes
8-May-2015Giant magnetoimpedance effect in Co2FeAl single layered and Co2FeAl/Ag multilayered films in amorphous substratesSilva, Anderson Max Cirilo da; Escobar, Vivian Montarddo; Callegari, G.L.; Agra, Kennedy Leite; Feitosa, Carlos Chesman de Araújo; Bohn, Felipe; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin
23-Jan-2011Universality beyond power laws and the average avalanche shapePapanikolaou, Stefanos; Bohn, Felipe; Sommer, Rubens Luis; Durin, Gianfranco; Zapperi, Stefano; Sethna, James P.
23-Sep-2013Universal properties of magnetization dynamics in polycrystalline ferromagnetic filmsBohn, Felipe; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin; Viegas, Alexandre da Cas; Papanikolaou, Stefanos; Durin, Gianfranco; Sommer, Rubem Luis
24-Dec-2014Magnetoimpedance effect at the high frequency range for the thin film geometry: numerical calculation and experimentBohn, Felipe; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin; Silva, Ricardo Barreto da; Sommer, Rubem Luis
11-Sep-2014Tunable asymmetric magnetoimpedance effect in ferromagnetic NiFe/Cu/Co filmsGomes, Matheus Gamino; Silva, Edimilson Felix da; Andrade, A. M. H.; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin; Vásquez, M.; Bohn, Felipe