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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Nov-2017Itinerant-localized model of strongly correlated electrons: Fermi surface reconstructionIvantsov, Ilya; Ferraz Filho, Álvaro; Kochetov, Evgenii
18-Dec-2013Gauge invariance and spinon-dopon confinement in the t-J model: implications for Fermi surface reconstruction in the cupratesFerraz Filho, Álvaro; Kochetov, Evgeny
10-Dec-2013Ward identities and chiral anomalies for coupled fermionic chainsFerraz Filho, Álvaro; Costa, L. C.; Mastropietro, Vieri
17-Dec-2012Comment on “Fermi surface reconstruction in hole-doped t − J models without long-range antiferromagnetic order”Ferraz Filho, Álvaro; Kochetov, Evgeny