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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Nov-2019Prospecting technologies for photovoltaic solar energy: overview of its technical‐commercial viabilitySampaio, Priscila Gonçalves Vasconcelos; González, Mário Orestes Aguirre; Vasconcelos, Rafael Monteiro; Santos, Marllen Aylla Teixeira; Vdal, Priscila da Cunha Jácome; Pereira, Jonathan Paulo Pinheiro; Santi, Éverton
2019A case study on environmental sustainability: a study of the trophic changes in fish species as a result of the damming of rivers through clustering analysisFrancisco, Cláudia Aparecida Cavalheiro; Almeida, Ricardo de; Steiner, Maria Teresinha Arns; Coelho, Leandro dos Santos; Steiner Neto, Pedro José
10-Nov-2016Characterization of wood plastic composite based on HDPE and cashew nutshells processed in a thermokinetic mixerColombo, Ciliana Regina; Gomes, Victor Nogueira Cortez; Carvalho, Amanda G.; Furukava, Marciano; Medeiros, Eliton S.; Melo, Tomas J.A.; Araujo, Edcleide M.; Morais, Dayanne D.S.; Ueki, Marcelo M.; Paskocimas, Carlos Alberto; Santos, Amelia S.F.
2019Novel formulations and modeling enhancements for the dynamic berth allocation problemKramer, Arthur Harry Frederico Ribeiro; Lalla-Ruiz, Eduardo; Iori, Manuel; Voß, Stefan
16-May-2019Enhanced arc-flow formulations to minimize weighted completion time on identical parallel machinesKramer, Arthur Harry Frederico Ribeiro; Dell’Amico, Mauro; Iori, Manuel
Nov-2020Scheduling jobs with release dates on identical parallel machines by minimizing the total weighted completion timeKramer, Arthur Harry Frederico Ribeiro; Dell’Amico, Mauro; Feillet, Dominique; Iori, Manuel
May-2018A conceptual model for project management of exploration and production in the oil and gas industry: the case of a Brazilian companyAramayo, Jesus Leodaly Salazar; Silveira, Roseane Rodrigues; Almeida, Mariana Rodrigues de; Dantas, Tereza Neuma de Castro
8-Jul-2020Overview of printing and coating techniques in the production of organic photovoltaic cellsSampaio, Priscila Gonçalves Vasconcelos; González, Mario Orestes Aguirre; Ferreira, Paula de Oliveira; Vidal, Priscila da Cunha Jácome; Pereira, Jonathan Paulo Pinheiro; Ferreira, Helder Rodrigues; Oprime, Pedro Carlos
1-Nov-2017A review of dynamic data envelopment analysis: state of the art and applicationsMariz, Fernanda B. A. Rocha; Almeida, Mariana Rodrigues de; Aloise, Daniel
Oct-2020Regulation for offshore wind power development in BrazilGonzález, Mario Orestes Aguirre; Santiso, Andressa Medeiros; Melo, David Cassimiro; Vasconcelos, Rafael Monteiro