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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Expression of CD34 and CD105 as markers for angiogenesis in oral vascular malformations and pyogenic granulomasVasconcelos, Marcelo Gadelha; Pollianna, Muniz Alves; Vasconcelos, Rodrigo Gadelha; Silveira, Ericka Janine Dantas da; Medeiros, Ana Miryam Costa de; Queiroz, Lelia Maria Guedes
2008Immunoexpression of vascular endothelial growth factor in periapical granulomas, radicular cysts, and residual radicular cystsNonaka, Cassiano Francisco Weege; Maia, Alexandre Pinto; Nascimento, George João Ferreira do; Freitas, Roseana de Almeida; Souza, Lelia Batista de; Galvão, Hebel Cavalcanti
2011Comparative analysis of the immunohistochemical expression of collagen IV, MMP-9, and TIMP-2 in odontogenic cysts and tumorsHenriques, Águida Cristina Gomes; Vasconcelos, Marcelo Gadella; Galvão, Hebel Cavalcanti; Souza, Lelia Batista de; Freitas, Roseana de Almeida
2014Expression of glucose transporters 1 and 3 in metastatic and non-metastatic lower lip squamous cell carcinomaDemeda, Clarissa Favero; Carvalho, Cyntia Helena Pereira de; Aquino, Ana Rafaela Luz de; Nonaka, Cassiano Francisco Weege; Souza, Lélia Batista de; Pinto, Leão Pereira
2012Immunohistochemical analysis of bone resorption regulators (RANKL and OPG), angiogenic index, and myofibroblasts in syndrome and non-syndrome odontogenic keratocystsNonaka, Cassiano Francisco Weege; Cavalcante, Roberta Barroso; Nogueira, Renato Luiz Maia; Souza, Lélia Batista de; Pinto, Leão Pereira
2009Immunohistochemical expression of matrilysins (MMP-7 and MMP-26) in ameloblastomas and adenomatoid odontogenic tumorsFreitas, Valéria Souza; Araújo, Cristina Ruan Ferreira de; Alves, Pollianna Muniz; Souza, Lelia Batista de; Galvão, Hebel Cavalcanti; Freitas, Roseana de Almeida
2009Changes in immunoexpression of E-cadherin and beta-catenin in oral squamous cell carcinoma with and without nodal metastasisLopes, Fernanda Ferreira; Miguel, Marcia Cristina da Costa; Pereira, Antônio Luiz Amaral; Cruz, Maria Carmen Fontoura Nogueira da; Freitas, Roseana de Almeida; Pinto, Leão Pereira; Souza, Lelia Batista de
2010Analysis of local immunity in squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue and lower lipSilveira, Ericka Janine Dantas da; Miguel, Marcia Cristina da Costa; Lima, Kenio Costa de; Freitas, Roseana de Almeida; Morais, Maria de Lourdes Silva Arruda de; Queiroz, Lelia Maria Guedes
2013Immunohistochemical Detection of Receptor Activator Nuclear κB Ligand and Osteoprotegerin in Odontogenic Cysts and TumorsMatos, Felipe Rodrigues de; Moraes, Maiara de; Silva, Emília Beatriz das Neves; Galvão, Hebel Cavalcanti; Freitas, Roseana de Almeida
2010Lipomas of the oral cavity: clinical and histopathologic study of 41 cases in a Brazilian populationJuliasse, Luiz Eduardo Rodrigues; Nonaka, Cassiano Francisco Weege; Pinto, Leão Pereira; Freitas, Roseana de Almeida; Miguel, Márcia Cristina da Costa