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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Nov-2015Correlation between fuel lubricity and vibration signals obtained in ball-disc analysis using fourier transformAlves, Salete Martins; Farias, Aline Cristina Mendes de; Medeiros, Alexandre Augusto Souza; Oliveira Júnior, José Josemar de
22-Jul-2014Effect of desulfurization of diesel and its blends with biodiesel on metallic contactAlves, Salete Martins; Mello, Valdicleide SIlva e; Lima, Ella Raquel do Vale Souza de; Oliveira, Marcos Vinycius de Araújo
4-Jul-2014Micro and nanometric wear evaluation of metal discs used on determination of biodiesel fuel lubricityAlves, Salete Martins; Farias, Aline Cristina Mendes de; Medeiros, João Telésforo Nóbrega de
Sep-2013Palm and soybean biodiesel compatibility with fuel system elastomersAlves, Salete Martins; Mello, V.S.; Medeiros, Jarbas Santos
27-Feb-2011Rheology and MT-DSC studies of the flow properties of ethyl and methyl babassu biodiesel and blendsBicudo, Tatiana de Campos; Santos, N. A.; Rosenhaim, R.; Dantas, M. B.; Cavalcanti, E. H. S.; Barro, A. K.; Santos, I. M. G.; Souza, A. G.
27-Apr-2009Antioxidative properties of hydrogenated cardanol for cotton biodiesel by PDSC and UV/VISBicudo, Tatiana de Campos; Rodrigues Filho, M. G.; Souza, A. G.; Santos, I. M. G.; Silva, M. C. D.; Sinfrônio, F. S. M.; Vasconcelos, A. F. F.
27-Apr-2009Themo-oxidative stability ald cold flow properties of babassu biodiesel by PDSC ans TMDSC techniquesBicudo, Tatiana de Campos; Santos, N. A.; Santos, J. R. J.; Sinfrônio, F. S. M.; Santos, I. M. G.; Antoniosi Filho, N. R.; Fernandes Jr, V. J.; Souza, A. G.
19-Jun-2009Thermal investigation of oil and biodiesel fromJatropha curcasL.Bicudo, Tatiana de Campos; Freire, L. M. S.; Rosenhaim, R.; Sinfrônio, F. S. M.; Botelho, J. R.; Carvalho Filho, J. R.; Santos, I. M. G.; Fernandes Jr., V. J.; Antoniosi Filho, N. R.; Souza, A. G.