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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jan-2017On the theory of quantum quenches in near-critical systemsDelfino, Gesualdo; Viti, Jacopo
17-Mar-2017The coprime quantum chainMussardo, G; Giudici, G; Viti, Jacopo
20-Jan-2020Emptiness formation probability and PainlevéV equation in the XY spin chainAres, Filiberto; Viti, Jacopo
19-May-2016Inhomogeneous field theory inside the arctic circleAllegra, Nicolas; Dubail, Jérôme; Stéphan, Jean-Marie; Viti, Jacopo
13-Feb-2017Conformal field theory for inhomogeneous one-dimensional quantum systems: the example of non-interacting Fermi gasesDubail, Jérôme; Stéphan, Jean-Marie; Viti, Jacopo; Calabrese, Pasquale
20-Aug-2019Return amplitude after a quantum quench in the XY chainViti, Jacopo; Najafi, Khadijeh; Rajabpour, M. A.
10-Dec-2019Entanglement dynamics after a quench in Ising field theory: a branch point twist field approachCastro-Alvaredo, Olalla A.; Lencsés, Máté; Szécsényi, István M.; Viti, Jacopo
21-Dec-2018Four-point boundary connectivities in critical two-dimensional percolation from conformal invarianceGori, Giacomo; Viti, Jacopo
8-May-2017The density profile of the six vertex model with domain wall boundary conditionsLyberg, I.; Korepin, V.; Viti, Jacopo
19-May-2016Inhomogeneous quenches in a free fermionic chain: Exact resultsViti, Jacopo; Stéphan, Jean-Marie; Dubail, Jérôme; Haque, Masudul