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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-May-2020Bell nonlocality using tensor networks and sparse recoveryEliëns, Ian Sebastiaan; Brito, S. G. A.; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto
27-May-2020Device-independent secret sharing and a stronger form of Bell nonlocalityMoreno, M. G. M.; Brito, Samuraí Gomes de Aguiar; Nery, R.V.; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto
21-Feb-2018Quantifying Bell nonlocality with the trace distanceBrito, Samuraí Gomes de Aguiar; Amaral, B.; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto
6-Apr-2018Quantum steering beyond instrumental causal networksNery, R. V.; Taddei, M. M.; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Aolita, L.
9-Jun-2017Experimental bilocality violation without shared reference framesAndreoli, Francesco; Carvacho, Gonzalo; Santodonato, Luca; Bentivegna, Marco; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Sciarrino, Fábio
27-Jan-2017Bell scenarios with communicationBrask, J. B.; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto
19-Dec-2018Concentration phenomena in the geometry of Bell correlationsDuarte, Cristhiano; Brito, Samuraí Gomes de Aguiar; Amaral, Barbara; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto
13-Jun-2016Entropic nonsignaling correlationsAraújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Budroni, Constantino
7-Jan-2016Polynomial Bell InequalitiesAraújo, Rafael Chaves Souto
25-Oct-2016Indistinguishability of causal relations from limited marginalsBudroni, Constatino; Miklin, Nikolai; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto