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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Sleep–wake cycle, daytime sleepiness, and attention components in children attending preschool in the morning and afternoon shiftsBelísio, Aline S.; Kolodiuk, Fernanda F.; Louzada, Fernando M.; Valdez, Pablo; Azevedo, Carolina V. M.
2005Behavioral strategies and hormonal profiles of dominant and subordinate common marmoset (callithrix jacchus) females in wild monogamous groupsSousa, Maria Bernadete Cordeiro; Rocha, Ana Claudia Sales da; Albuquerque, Fabiola da Silva; Souza, Arrilton Araújo de; Yamamoto, Maria Emilia; Arruda, Maria de Fatima
2013Changes in sleep habits and knowledge after an educational sleep program in 12th grade studentsSousa, Ivanise Cortez; Souza, Jane Carla; Louzada, Fernando Mazzilli; Azevedo, Carolina Virginia Macêdo
2015Dusky damselfish Stegastes fuscus relational learning: evidences from associative and spatial tasksSilveira, Mayara Moura da; Oliveira, Jessica Janine de; Luchiari, Ana Carolina
2017Dynamics of sex reversal in the marbled swamp eel (Synbranchus marmoratus bloch, 1795), a diandric hermaphrodite from Marechal Dutra Reservoir, northeastern BrazilBarros, Nirlei Hirachy Costa; Souza, Arrilton Araújo de; Peebles, Ernst Bryan; Chellappa, Sathyabama