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Title: The ileum as a determinant organ of the functional liver cell mass in rats
Authors: Medeiros, Aldo Cunha
Brigido, Alexandra Régia Dantas
Silva, Suyana Meneses
Brito, Vanessa Ramalho
Rocha, Keyla Borges Ferreira
Oliveira, Cláudia Nunes
Keywords: Ileum;Liver;Radioisotopes;Rats
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: MEDEIROS, Aldo Cunha et. al. The ileum as a determinant organ of the functional liver cell mass in rats. Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira (Online), v. 28, p. 210-215, 2013.
Abstract: PURPOSE: To evaluate if the ileum resection changes the functioning liver cell mass, the hepatic metabolism and the biodistribution of radiopharmaceutical in rats. METHODS: Twelve Wistar rats weighing 285g±34g were randomly divided into the ileum resection group (n = 6) and sham group rats (n = 6). After 30 days, they were anesthetized and 0.1mL of 99m-Tc-phytate(0.66MBq) was injected via femoral vein. After 30 minutes, blood samples were collected for red blood cells radioactive labeling and serum ALT, AST and gammaGT. Liver samples were used for 99m-Tc-phytatepercentage of radioactivity/gram of tissue and histopathology. Student’s t test was used with significance 0.05. RESULTS: There was a higher uptake of 99m-Tc-phytate in the liver of sham rats, compared to the ileum resection group (p<0.05). GammaGT, ALT and AST were increased in ileum resection rats compared to sham (p<0.05). The he patocytes count was significantly lower in ileum resection group than in sham (p<0.05). Liver: body mass ratio was lower in experimental animals than in sham group (p<0.05). CONCLUSION: These data support that the ileum has important role in liver function and liver mass regulation, and they have potential clinical implications regarding the pathogenesis of liver injury following lower bowel resection.
ISSN: 1678-2674
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