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Title: Prevalence of strabismus among students in Natal-RN - Brazil
Other Titles: Prevalência de estrabismo nos estudantes de Natal/RN - Brasil
Authors: Garcia, Carlos Alexandre de Amorim
Sousa, Araken Britto de
Mendonça, Marcelo Bezerra de Melo
Andrade, Luciana Luna de
Oréfice, Fernando
Keywords: Strabismus - Epidemiology;Strabismus - Prevention & control;Eye health;School health services;Students
Issue Date: 2004
Citation: GARCIA, C. A. A. ; SOUSA, Araken Britto de ; MENDONÇA, Marcelo Bezerra de Melo ; ANDRADE, Luciana Luna de ; ORÉFICE, Fernando. Prevalence of strabismus among students in Natal/RN - Brazil. Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , São Paulo, v. 67, n.05, p. 791-794, 2004.
Abstract: To estimate the prevalence of strabismus in Natal, Brazil, among elementary and high school students of the public and private educational systems, in addition to detecting etiological factors. Methods: 1024 students were randomly selected and submitted to a questionnaire and a complete ophthalmologic examination, by professors and resident physicians in Ophthalmology at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. Results: Of 1024 students, 1015 were examined; 29 were found to have strabismus (2.9%), 20 of whom had manifest exotropia (2%), 2 had intermittent exotropia (0.2%), 6 had esotropia (0.6%) and 1 had V anisotropies (0.1%). Conclusions: The strabismus prevalence of the student population of Natal falls within the range of the worldwide population. There was ocular lesion in only one student (retinochoroiditis scar on the posterior pole in both eyes) related to strabismus
ISSN: 0004-2749
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