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Title: Prevention of bacterial translocation using β-(1-3)-D-glucan in small bowel ischemia and reperfusion in rats
Other Titles: Prevenção de translocação bacteriana com β-(1-3)-D-glucana em isquemia e reperfusão intestinal em ratos
Authors: Araújo Filho, Irami
Rêgo, Amália Cínthia Meneses
Pinheiro, Laíza Araújo Mohana
Azevedo, Italo Medeiros
Medeiros, Vítor Brasil
Brandão Neto, José
Medeiros, Aldo Cunha
Keywords: Bacterial translocation;Glucan;Intestine;Ischemia;Reperfusion;Prophylaxis
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: ARAÚJO FILHO, Irami ; RÊGO, Amália Cínthia Meneses ; PINHEIRO, Laíza Araújo Mohana ; MEDEIROS, Vítor Brasil ; BRANDÃO NETO, José ; MEDEIROS, Aldo Cunha. Prevention of bacterial translocation using ß-(1-3)-D-glucan in small bowel ischemia and reperfusion in rats. Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira , v. 21, p. 18-22, 2006. Disponível em: <> Acesso em: 23 set. 2013
Abstract: To investigate the role of β-(1-3)-D-glucan on 99mTc labelled Escherichia coli translocation and cytokines secretion in rats submitted to small bowel ischemia/reperfusion injury. Methods: Five groups (n=10 each) of Wistar rats were subjected to control(C), sham(S), group IR subjected to 45 min of bowel ischemia/60 min of reperfusion(I/R), and group I/R+glucan subjected to 45 min of bowel ischemia/60 min of reperfusion(I/R) and injected with 2mg/Kg intramuscular. Translocation of labelled bacteria to mesenteric lymph nodes, liver, spleen, lung and serum was determined using radioactivity/count and colony forming units/g(CFU/g). Serum TNFα, IL-1β, IL-6, IL-10 were measured by ELISA. Results: CFU/g and radioactivity/count were higher in I/R than in I/R+glucan rats. In C, S and S+glucan groups, bacteria and radioactivity/count were rarely detected. The I/R+glucan rats had enhancement of IL-10 and suppressed production of serum TNFα, IL-1β and, IL-6, compared to I/R untreated animals. Conclusion: The β-(1-3)-D-glucan modulated the production of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines during bowel ischemia/reperfusion, and attenuated translocation of labelled bacteria
ISSN: 1678-2674
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