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Title: Total gastrectomy with substitution of stomach by jejunal pouch with and without duodenal passage. Study in rats
Authors: Aires Neto, Tertuliano
Cavalcante, Jeancarlo Fernandes
Brandão Neto, José
Araújo Filho, Irami
Almeida, Maria das Graças
Rezende, Adriana Augusto de
Egito, Eryvaldo Sócrates Tabosa
Azevedo, Ítalo Medeiros de
Pinheiro, Laísa Araújo Mohana
Medeiros, Vítor Brasil
Medeiros, Aldo da Cunha
Keywords: Total gastrectomy;Jejunal pouch;Nutrition;Gastrin;Reflux
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: AIRES NETO, Tertuliano ; CAVALCANTE, Jeancarlo Fernandes ; BRANDÃO NETO, José ; ARAÚJO FILHO, Irami ; ALMEIDA, Maria das Graças ; REZENDE, Adriana Augusto de ; EGITO, Eryvaldo Sócrates Tabosa; AZEVEDO, Ítalo Medeiros de ; PINHEIRO, Laísa Araújo Mohana ; MEDEIROS, Vítor Brasil ; MEDEIROS, Aldo da Cunha. Total gastrectomy with substitution of stomach by jejunal pouch with and without duodenal passage: study in rats. Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira , v. 20, n.1, p. 167-172, 2005. Disponível em: <>Acesso em: 24-09-2013 as 11:45
Abstract: A comparison was done between the F. Paulino jejunal pouch (FP) and a jejunal pouch (JP) as esophagusduodenum interpositional graft, for replacing the stomach after total gastrectomy. It was investigated the effect of the two procedures on esophagus histology, nutritional state and serum gastrin in rats. Methods: Male Wistar rats weighing 282±17g were randomly submitted to sham operation (S), FP and JP after total gastrectomy. After eight weeks the rats were killed with overdose of anesthetic and tissue was taken from the distal esophagus for histology. Serum levels of total proteins, albumin, iron, transferring, folate, cobalamine, calcium, as well as serum gastrin were determined. Survival was considered. Results: Fourty six rats were operated and thirty survived for eight weeks. Five (33.3%) died after FP and 11 (52.3%) after JP (p<0.05). Postoperative esophagitis occurred in 6 JP rats. At 8th week, no difference was observed on body weight when compared FP and JP rats (p>0.05). The JP rats had a significant decrease in serum albumin, glucose, transferrin, iron, folate and calcium, compared to sham (p<0.05). Serum gastrin, iron and calcium were significantly higher in JP rats than in FP rats (p<0.05). In FP rats, transferrin and cobalamine showed significant decrease comparing the preoperative with 8th week levels (p<0.05). Conclusion: F. Paulino pouch in rats had lower mortality than JP, and esophagitis was not detected in it. JP rats had serum gastrin, iron and calcium unaffected, possibly because of preservation of duodenal passage
ISSN: 1678-2674
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