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Title: On fuzzy ideals and fuzzy filters of fuzzy lattices
Authors: Mezzomo, Ivan
Keywords: Fuzzy lattices. Fuzzy ideals. Fuzzy filters. Fuzzy alpha-ideals. Operations on bounded fuzzy lattices. Fuzzy homomorphism
Issue Date: 6-Dec-2013
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
Citation: MEZZOMO, Ivan. On fuzzy ideals and fuzzy filters of fuzzy lattices. 2013. 145 f. Tese (Doutorado em Ciência da Computação) - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, 2013.
Portuguese Abstract: In the literature there are several proposals of fuzzi cation of lattices and ideals concepts. Chon in (Korean J. Math 17 (2009), No. 4, 361-374), using the notion of fuzzy order relation de ned by Zadeh, introduced a new notion of fuzzy lattice and studied the level sets of fuzzy lattices, but did not de ne a notion of fuzzy ideals for this type of fuzzy lattice. In this thesis, using the fuzzy lattices de ned by Chon, we de ne fuzzy homomorphism between fuzzy lattices, the operations of product, collapsed sum, lifting, opposite, interval and intuitionistic on bounded fuzzy lattices. They are conceived as extensions of their analogous operations on the classical theory by using this de nition of fuzzy lattices and introduce new results from these operators. In addition, we de ne ideals and lters of fuzzy lattices and concepts in the same way as in their characterization in terms of level and support sets. One of the results found here is the connection among ideals, supports and level sets. The reader will also nd the de nition of some kinds of ideals and lters as well as some results with respect to the intersection among their families. Moreover, we introduce a new notion of fuzzy ideals and fuzzy lters for fuzzy lattices de ned by Chon. We de ne types of fuzzy ideals and fuzzy lters that generalize usual types of ideals and lters of lattices, such as principal ideals, proper ideals, prime ideals and maximal ideals. The main idea is verifying that analogous properties in the classical theory on lattices are maintained in this new theory of fuzzy ideals. We also de ne, a fuzzy homomorphism h from fuzzy lattices L and M and prove some results involving fuzzy homomorphism and fuzzy ideals as if h is a fuzzy monomorphism and the fuzzy image of a fuzzy set ~h(I) is a fuzzy ideal, then I is a fuzzy ideal. Similarly, we prove for proper, prime and maximal fuzzy ideals. Finally, we prove that h is a fuzzy homomorphism from fuzzy lattices L into M if the inverse image of all principal fuzzy ideals of M is a fuzzy ideal of L. Lastly, we introduce the notion of -ideals and - lters of fuzzy lattices and characterize it by using its support and its level set. Moreover, we prove some similar properties in the classical theory of - ideals and - lters, such as, the class of -ideals and - lters are closed under intersection. We also de ne fuzzy -ideals of fuzzy lattices, some properties analogous to the classical theory are also proved and characterize a fuzzy -ideal on operation of product between bounded fuzzy lattices L and M and prove some results.
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