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Title: Análise microbiológica da cavidade interna de implantes dentais osseointegrados utilizando o checkerboard DNA-DNA hybridization
Authors: Lucena, George Alexandre de Barros
Keywords: Implantes dentais;Microbiologia;Checkerboard DNA-DNA hybridization
Issue Date: 4-Jun-2014
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
Citation: LUCENA, George Alexandre de Barros. Análise microbiológica da cavidade interna de implantes dentais osseointegrados utilizando o checkerboard DNA-DNA hybridization. 2014. 30f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ciências da Saúde) - Centro de Ciências da Saúde, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, 2014.
Portuguese Abstract: Introduction: Infiltration of organic fluids and microorganisms at the abutment/implant interface may result in bacterial infection of peri-implant tissues. Internal colonization of periodontal pathogens may be caused by bacteria trapped during installation or penetration of abutment/implant leakage. The aim of this study was to detect periodontal pathogens in the internal area of dental implants before loading. Materials and Methods: Seventy-eight implants in 32 partially edentulous subjects were selected for this evaluation. A bacterial biofilm sample of the internal surface of each implant was taken and analyzed for the presence of 40 microorganisms by checkerboard DNA-DNA hybridization, prior to installation of healing or any other prosthetic abutment. Discussion: Bacteria were detected in 20 patients (62.5%), distributed in 41 implants (52.6%). Forty-seven percent of implants showed no bacterial detection. Spontaneous early implant exposure to oral cavity during the healing period was not significant (P >0.05) to increase bacterial prevalence, but implants placed at mandible had higher bacterial prevalence than maxillary ones. Conclusion: The internal surface of dental implants can serve as a reservoir of periodontal pathogens for future implant/abutment interface.
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