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Title: Biosocial Activism, Identities and Citizenship: Making up ‘people living with HIV and AIDS’ in Brazil
Authors: Valle, Carlos Guilherme Octaviano do
Keywords: AIDS;Biosocial activism;Identity;Sociality;Biomedicine
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: VALLE, Carlos Guilherme Octaviano do. Biosocial Activism, Identities, and Citizenship: Making up 'people living with HIV and AIDS' in Brazil. Vibrant, Florianópolis, v. 12, p. 27-70, 2015.
Portuguese Abstract: This article discusses how Brazilian AIDS activism has emerged and been reconfigured over the last 25 years. I analyze how societal forms were created and particular problems emerged in a specific context affected by the AIDS epidemic. Based on ethnographic research in concrete contexts in Brazil, I follow the ways by which people have united around various ideas and practices related to life, health and illness, morality and politics. People affected by the epidemic were engaged in sociality, identity formation and the definition of a wide range of health, political and judicial demands, which take a particular biosocial activism as their main form of collective mobilization. My main aim is to reflect, therefore, on the formation of particular biosocial worlds, socialities, collectivities and identities related to specific modes of subjectification surrounding life and death, biomedicine and biotechnologies, politics and citizenship.
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