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Title: Mastigatory efficiency in denture wears with bilateral balanced occlusion and canine guidance
Authors: Farias Neto, Arcelino
Mestriner Junior, Wilson
Carreiro, Adriana da Fonte Porto
Keywords: Balanced occlusion;Canine guidance;Complete dentures;Masticatory efficiency;Edentulousness
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: FARIAS NETO, Arcelino ; MESTRINER JÚNIOR, Wilson ; CARREIRO, Adriana da Fonte Porto. Mastigatory efficiency in denture wears with bilateral balanced occlusion and canine guidance. Brazilian Dental Journal, v. 21, n. 2, p. 165-9, 2010.
Portuguese Abstract: The maintenance of masticatory function is especially important for patients wearing complete dentures due to their limitations. Thus, the bilateral balanced occlusal concept is used to achieve greater masticatory efficiency. However, a critical review of the literature reveals that there is not sufficient scientific evidence to support bilateral balanced occlusion as the most appropriate occlusal concept in complete dentures. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the masticatory efficiency in complete dentures wearers with bilateral balanced occlusion and canine guidance. A double-blinded controlled crossover clinical trial was conducted. The sample was composed by 24 edentulous patients who wore sets of complete dentures with both occlusal concepts during equal periods of 3 months. Objective data were collected through the masticatory efficiency test performed by the colorimetric method with the beads, in which capsules of a synthetic material enclosing fuchsine-containing granules were used. Subjective data were recorded by patient's ratings of their chewing function. No significant statistical difference was found for masticatory efficiency (p=0.095) between the two occlusal concepts studied. The results suggest that bilateral balanced occlusion does not improve the masticatory efficiency in complete denture wearers.
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