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Title: Botryoid odontogenic cyst: a clinicopathologic study of 10 cases
Authors: Santos, Pedro Paulo de Andrade
Freitas, Valéria Souza
Freitas, Roseana de Almeida
Pinto, Leão Pereira
Souza, Lelia Batista de
Keywords: Botryoid odontogenic cyst;Recurrent botryoid cyst;Lateral periodontal cyst;Multicystic variant
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: SANTOS, Pedro Paulo de Andrade et al. Botryoid odontogenic cyst: A clinicopathologic study of 10 cases. Annals of Diagnostic Pathology (Print), v. 15, n. 4, p. 221-224, 2011.
Portuguese Abstract: Botryoid odontogenic cyst is a rare multilocular variant of lateral periodontal cysts. In this study, a series of 10 cases of botryoid odontogenic cysts retrieved from the archives of the Postgraduation Program in Oral Pathology, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil), were reviewed for epidemiologic data, clinical presentation, radiographic and histopathologic characteristics, treatment, and recurrence.
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