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Title: Clinicopathological profile and management of 161 cases of actinic cheilitis
Authors: Lopes, Maria Luiza Diniz de Sousa
Silva Júnior, Francisco Leonardo da
Lima, Kenio Costa de
Oliveira, Patricia Teixeira de
Silveira, Ericka Janine Dantas da
Keywords: Cheilitis;Lip;Therapeutical approaches;Ultraviolet rays
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: LOPES, Maria Luiza Diniz de Sousa et al. Clinicopathological profile and management of 161 cases of actinic cheilitis. Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia, v. 90, n. 4, p. 505-512, 2015.
Portuguese Abstract: BACKGROUND Actinic cheilitis (AC) is a potentially malignant disorder of the lip caused by chronic exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the clinical, demographic, morphological and therapeutic management in AC cases data associating to the histopathological grading. METHODS Demographic, clinical and management data of 161 patients with AC were analyzed. In biopsied cases, two calibrated examiners performed histopathological grading by binary system. RESULTS There was a prevalence of males (79.5%), aged 40 years or older (77.5%), light-skinned (85.7%), experiencing occupational exposure to sunlight (80.3%), with AC presenting clinically as white lesions (33.6%). Conservative treatment was adopted in 78 cases and biopsy in 83 cases (60.2% graded as low-risk AC). There were no significant associations between histopathological grading and gender (p= 0.509), age (p=0.416), ethnicity (p=0.388), occupational exposure to sunlight (p=1.000) or clinical presentation (p=0.803). CONCLUSION This study reinforces the hypothesis that demographic and clinical characteristics of AC are not related to histopathological grading. Advice on protection from sun exposure should be encouraged to avoid progression of AC and invasive therapies.
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