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Title: Titanium tetrafluoride and dental caries: a systematic review
Authors: Alves, Rubiane Diógenes
Souza, Tatyana Maria Silva
Lima, Kenio Costa de
Keywords: Dental caries;Titanium;Tetrafluoride;Cariostatic agents
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: ALVES, R. D.; SOUZA, T. M. S.; LIMA, K. C. Titanium tetrafluoride and dental caries: a systematic review. Journal of Applied Oral Science, v. 13, n. 4, p. 325-328, 2005.
Portuguese Abstract: The aim of this systematic review was to evaluate the effectiveness of titanium tetrafluoride as a preventive or cariostatic agent against caries. The databases used to find the articles analyzed were MEDLINE LILACS, and BBO. In MEDLINE and LILACS the search strategy utilized was "titanium" [Words] and "tetrafluoride" [Words] and Spanish or English or Portuguese [Language], whereas In BBO "titânio" [Words] and "tetrafluoreto" [Words] and Espanhol or Inglês or Português [Language]. Out of a total of 42 studies found, which assessed possible preventive/cariostatic effects of titanium tetrafluoride against caries in vivo, only 2 were selected. In both studies, titanium tetrafluoride was shown to be effective against caries. However, given that the quality and consequently the validity of these two clinical studies are questionable, their results do not allow to conclude that titanium tetrafluoride is effective against caries clinically.
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