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Title: Staining resistance of preheated flowable composites to drinking pigmented beverages
Authors: Sousa, Samuel Eleutério Paiva
Costa, Ellen Souza da
Borges, Boniek Castillo Dutra
Assunção, Isauremi Vieira de
Santos, Alex Jose Souza dos
Keywords: Composite resins;Temperature;Beverages
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: SPEMD
Citation: SOUSA, S. E. P. et al. Staining resistance of preheated flowable composites to drinking pigmented beverages. International Journal of Dental Science and Research, v. 56, n. 4, p. 221-225, 2015.
Portuguese Abstract: Objective This study aimed to evaluate the influence of the preheating of flowable composite resins on the color stability when exposed to drinking pigmented beverages. Methods Wave (SDI) and Tetric N-Flow (Ivoclar Vivadent) were used. One hundred and twenty specimens (n = 10) were photoactivated at different temperatures (25 °C and 68 °C). After curing, the specimens were immersed in distilled water for 24 h (T0) and then subjected to cola drink, grape juice, and distilled water (control) for 7 days (T1). The color of the specimens was measured using a guide spectrophotometer Easy Shade (Vita Zahnfabrik) at T0 and T1 by means of the parameters of CIE-L*a*b*, and the overall color change after T1 (ΔE) was calculated. The data were analyzed by 3-way ANOVA and Tukey test (P < .05). Results Preheated materials showed statistically significant lower color change after immersion in cola drink and grape juice (P < .01). Grape juice produced statistically the greatest color change for both materials tested regardless of the temperature (P < .01). Conclusion The preheating improved staining resistance of both flowable composites tested. Grape juice showed the highest stainability.
ISSN: 1647-6700
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