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dc.contributor.authorAraújo, Dráulio Barros de-
dc.contributor.authorRibeiro, Sidarta Tollendal Gomes-
dc.contributor.authorCecchi, Guillermo A.-
dc.contributor.authorCarvalho, Fabiana M.-
dc.contributor.authorSanchez, Tiago A.-
dc.contributor.authorPinto, Joel P.-
dc.contributor.authorMartinis, Bruno S. de-
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dc.contributor.authorAntonio C. Santos, Antonio C.-
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dc.subjectMental imagerypt_BR
dc.subjectFunctional magnetic resonance imagingpt_BR
dc.subjectPsychedelic substancept_BR
dc.subjectMonoamine oxidase inhibitorspt_BR
dc.titleSeeing With the Eyes Shut: Neural Basis of Enhanced Imagery Following Ayahuasca Ingestionpt_BR
dc.description.resumoThe hallucinogenic brew Ayahuasca, a rich source of serotonergic agonists and reuptake inhibitors, has been used for ages by Amazonian populations during religious ceremonies. Among all perceptual changes induced by Ayahuasca, the most remarkable are vivid ‘‘seeings.’’ During such seeings, users report potent imagery. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging during a closed-eyes imagery task, we found that Ayahuasca produces a robust increase in the activation of several occipital, temporal, and frontal areas. In the primary visual area, the effect was comparable in magnitude to the activation levels of natural image with the eyes open. Importantly, this effect was specifically correlated with the occurrence of individual perceptual changes measured by psychiatric scales. The activity of cortical areas BA30 and BA37, known to be involved with episodic memory and the processing of contextual associations, was also potentiated by Ayahuasca intake during imagery. Finally, we detected a positive modulation by Ayahuasca of BA 10, a frontal area involved with intentional prospective imagination, working memory and the processing of information from internal sources. Therefore, our results indicate that Ayahuasca seeings stem from the activation of an extensive network generally involved with vision, memory, and intention. By boosting the intensity of recalled images to the same level of natural image, Ayahuasca lends a status of reality to inner experiences. It is therefore understandable why Ayahuasca was culturally selected over many centuries by rain forest shamans to facilitate mystical revelations of visual nature.pt_BR
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