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Title: SPLOOCE: A new portal for the analysis of human splicing variants
Authors: Kroll, José Eduardo
Galante, Pedro A. F.
Ohara, Daniel T.
Navarro, Fábio C. P.
Ohno-Machado, Lucila
Souza, Sandro José de
Keywords: bioinformatics;alternative splicing;combined alternative splicing events;database;method of analysis;regular expressions;next-generation sequencing
Issue Date: Nov-2012
Portuguese Abstract: Understanding alternative splicing is crucial to elucidate the mechanisms behind several biological phenomena, including diseases. The huge amount of expressed sequences available nowadays represents an opportunity and a challenge to catalog and display alternative splicing events (ASEs). Although several groups have faced this challenge with relative success, we still lack a computational tool that uses a simple and straightforward method to retrieve, name and present ASEs. Here we present SPLOOCE , a portal for the analysis of human splicing variants. SPLOOCE uses a method based on regular expressions for retrieval of ASEs. We propose a simple syntax that is able to capture the complexity of ASEs.
ISSN: 1547-6286
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