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Title: An Updated Midline Rule: Visual Callosal Connections Anticipate Shape and Motion in Ongoing Activity across the Hemispheres
Authors: Peiker, Christiane
Wunderle, Thomas
Eriksson, David
Schmidt, Anne
Schmidt, Kerstin Erika
Keywords: visual callosal connections;vertical midline;visual cortex;Gabor
Issue Date: 2013
Portuguese Abstract: It is generally thought that callosal connections (CCs) in primary visual cortices serve to unify the visual scenery parted in two at the vertical midline (VM). Here, we present evidence that this applies also to visual features that do not cross yet but might cross the VM in the future. During reversible deactivation of the contralateral visual cortex in cats, we observed that ipsilaterally recorded neurons close to the border between areas 17 and 18 receive selective excitatory callosal input on both ongoing and evoked activity. In detail, neurons responding well to a vertical Gabor patch moving away from the deactivated hemifield decreased prestimulus and stimulus-driven activity much more than those preferring motion toward the cooled hemifield. Further, activity of neurons responding to horizontal lines decreased more than the response to vertical lines. Embedding a single Gabor into a collinear line context selectively stabilized responses, especially when the context was limited to the intact hemifield. These findings indicate that CCs interconnect not only neurons coding for similar orientations but also for similar directions of motion. We conclude that CCs anticipate stimulus features that are potentially relevant for both hemifields (i.e., coherent motion but also collinear shape) because already prestimulus activity and activity to stimuli not crossing the VM revealed feature specificity. Finally, we hypothesize that intrinsic and callosal networks processing different orientations and directions are anisotropic close to the VM facilitating perceptual grouping along likely future motion or (shape) trajectories before the visual stimulus arrives.
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