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Title: In vitro mechanical assessment of 2.0-mm system three-dimensional miniplates in anterior mandibular fractures
Authors: Oliveira, K. P.
Moraes, P. H.
Silva, José Sandro Pereira da
Queiroz, W. F.
Germano, Adriano Rocha
Keywords: Internal fracture fixation;Mandibular fractures;Biomaterial;Biomechanics;Trauma
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: ELSEVIER
Citation: OLIVEIRA, K. P. et al. In vitro mechanical assessment of 2.0-mm system three-dimensional miniplates in anterior mandibular fractures. International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, v. 43, n. 5, p. 564-571, 2014.
Portuguese Abstract: This study constituted a comparative assessment of the mechanical resistance of square and rectangular 2.0-mm system three-dimensional miniplates as compared to the standard configuration using two straight miniplates. 90 polyurethane replica mandibles were used for the mechanical trials. Groups 1, 2, and 3 simulated complete symphyseal fractures characterized by linear separation of the central incisors; groups 4, 5, and 6 simulated parasymphyseal fractures with an oblique configuration. Groups 1 and 4 represented the standard method with two straight miniplates set parallel to one another. Square miniplates were used in groups 2 and 5, and rectangular miniplates in groups 3 and 6. A universal testing machine set to a velocity of 10mm/min and delivering a vertical linear load to the first left molar was used to test each group. Maximum load values and load values with pre-established dislocation of 5mm were obtained and submitted to statistical analysis using a calculated reliability interval of 95%. The mechanical performances of the devices were similar, except in the case of rectangular plates used in the parasymphyseal fractures. The innovative fixation methods used showed significantly better results in the case of symphyseal fractures.
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