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Title: Implant-supported removable partial denture
Authors: Aquino, Ana Rafaela Luz de
Sousa, Samira Albuquerque de
Carreiro, Adriana da Fonte Porto
Germano, Adriano Rocha
Mendonça, Steyner Lima
Holanda, Danielle Vanessa Miranda de
Keywords: Dental esthetics;Removable partial denture
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: AQUINO, Ana Rafaela Luz de. Implant-supported removable partial denture. RGO. Revista Gaúcha de Odontologia, v. 61, n. 1, p. 127, 2013.
Portuguese Abstract: The absence of lower posterior teeth makes the planning and control of removable partial dentures difficult since support is provided by teeth and mucosa, which present different anatomical characteristics. The planning of removable partial dentures supported on a distal implant renders tooth-implant-supported rather than tooth-mucosa-support dentures an option in distal extension cases. In the present case report, a patient with a Kennedy class II dental arch was rehabilitated using a distal implant-supported removable partial denture. Fitting of the implant resulted in more stable occlusion, improving the functionality of the denture and providing greater comfort to the patient. This approach might be a suitable treatment alternative because of its low cost compared to implant-retained dentures. However, long-term follow-up of a series of cases is necessary for the routine use of this treatment method.
ISSN: 1981-8637
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