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Title: Nest maintenance activity of dinoponera quadriceps in a natural environment
Authors: Medeiros, Jeniffer
Azevedo, Dina Lillia Oliveira de
Santana, Melquisedec Abiare Dantas de
Araújo, Arrilton
Keywords: Ponerinae;Seasonality;Environmental factors
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Springer
Citation: MEDEIROS, Jeniffer et al. Nest maintenance activity of dinoponera quadriceps in a natural environment. Journal of Insect Behavior, v. 29, p. 162-171, 2017. Disponível em <>. Acesso em: 18 out. 2017.
Portuguese Abstract: In social insects, task allocation can be more complex than workers merely falling into discrete task groups. Any activity performed by the colony cannot be fully understood in isolation from other activities because they may be interrelated. Investigating activities other than foraging is crucial to understanding the global functioning and organization of ant colonies. This study attempts to characterize the nest maintenance activity of the ponerine queenless ant, Dinoponera quadriceps, in its natural environment to determine the effects of environmental variables on the variations in both seasonal and daily rhythms and to discuss its differences and possible relationships to foraging. Four colonies of D. quadriceps were observed in an area of Atlantic Forest in northeastern Brazil. Data collection was performed over a period of 72 h every three months during an entire annual cycle. Nest maintenance activity in D. quadriceps colonies was observed during both the light and dark phases of the day. There was no significant difference between the day phases in the number of workers involved in this task. On the other hand, D. quadriceps colonies exhibited seasonal variation in nest maintenance activity, peaking in the early rainy season. The seasonal rhythm of nest maintenance was positively correlated with relative humidity and negatively correlated with prey availability and rainfall. Our results indicate the existence of an annual variation in the nest maintenance activity of D. quadriceps associated with environmental variables. However, it occurs equally both at night and day, countering the hypothesis that there is a daily rhythm
ISSN: 0892-7553
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