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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Apr-2018Water volume reduction increases eutrophication risk in tropical semi-arid reservoirsBecker, Vanessa; Rocha Junior, Carlos Alberto Nascimento da; Costa, Mariana Rodrigues Amaral da; Menezes, Rosemberg Fernandes; Attayde, José Luiz
16-Mar-2018Extreme drought favors potential mixotrophic organisms in tropical semi-arid reservoirsBecker, Vanessa; Costa, Mariana R. A.; Menezes, Rosemberg F.; Sarmento, Hugo; Attayde, José L.; Sternberg, Leonel da S. L.
2010Mixed food web control and stability in a Cerrado river (Brazil)Angelini, Ronaldo; Aloisio, Gustavo Ribeiro; Carvalho, Adriana Rosa
5-Mar-2012Bird communities in different phytophysiognomies of the cerrado biomeLaranjeiras, Thiago Orsi; Moura, Nárgila Gomes de; Vieira, Ludgero Cardoso Galli; Angelini, Ronaldo; Carvalho, Adriana Rosa
2013Diversidade de peixes recifais na praia de Barra de Tabatinga, Rio Grande do NorteSouza, Thaisa Accioly de; Mendes, Liana de Figueiredo; Angelini, Ronaldo
Dec-2014Integrating fishermen knowledge and scientific analysis to assess changes in fish diversity and food web structureRosa, Roberto; Carvalho, Adriana Rosa; Angelini, Ronaldo
3-Aug-2016Fishers’ and scientific histories: an example of consensus from an inland fisheryPhilippsen, Juliana Strieder; Minte-Vera, Carolina Viviana; Okada, Edson Kiyoshi; Carvalho, Adriana Rosa; Angelini, Ronaldo
2019Climate effects on fish body size–trophic position relationship depend on ecosystem typeDantas, Danyhelton Douglas Farias; Silva, Adriano Caliman Ferreira da; Guariento, Rafael D.; Angelini, Ronaldo; Carneiro, Luciana Silva; Lima, Sérgio Maia Queiroz; Martinez, Pablo A.; Attayde, José Luiz de
May-2019Effects of seasonality, trophic state and landscape properties on CO2 saturation in low-latitude lakes and reservoirsJunger, Pedro Ciarlini; Dantas, Fabíola da Costa Catombé; Nobre, Regina Lucia Guimarães; Kosten, Sarian; Venticinque, Eduardo Martins; Araújo, Fernando de Carvalho; Sarmento, Hugo; Angelini, Ronaldo; Terra, Iagê; Gaudêncio, Andrievisk; They, Ng Haig; Becker, Vanessa; Cabral, Camila Rodrigues; Quesado, Letícia; Carneiro, Luciana Silva; Caliman, Adriano; Amado, André Megali
May-2019Following the fish: the role of subsistence in a fish-based value chainBevilacqua, Ana Helena V.; Angelini, Ronaldo; Steenbeek, Jeroen; Christensen, Villy; Carvalho, Adriana Rosa
2020Fisheries and trophic structure of a large tropical river under impoundmentLima, Maria Alice Leite; Doria, Carolina Rodrigues da Costa; Carvalho, Adriana Rosa; Angelini, Ronaldo
2020Declining fisheries and increasing prices: the economic cost of tropical rivers impoundmentLima, Maria Alice Leite; Carvalho, Adriana Rosa; Nunes, Marcus Alexandre; Angelini, Ronaldo; Doria, Carolina Rodrigues da Costa
6-Sep-2018The use of polyaluminium chloride as a restoration measure to improve water quality in tropical shallow lakesAraújo, Fabiana; Santos, Hélio Rodrigues dos; Becker, Vanessa; Attayde, José Luiz de
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13