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Title: Conceptual development of the vertical axis wind turbine with movable blades
Other Titles: inglês
Authors: Santiago, George André Souza
González, Mario Orestes Aguirre
Hernandez, Willmari Dayana Suarez
Keywords: Conceptual project;Wind turbine;Wind energy
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Citation: SANTIAGO, George André Souza; GONZÁLEZ, Mario Orestes Aguirre; HERNANDEZ, Willmari Dayana Suarez; CAMACHO, Ramiro Gustavo Ramirez. Conceptual development of the vertical axis wind turbine with movable blades, Product: Management & Development, v. 16, n. 1, June 2018. Disponível em: Acesso em: 04 abr. 2020. DOI
Portuguese Abstract: This paper, through of approach of Product Development Process, characterizes the development phases of a new concept of vertical axis wind power turbine. The conceptual model used serves as a guide in the design, management and implementation of product research and development. The use of a model facilitates the replication, evolution and error handling of a new concept. Product development methodology were applied in laboratory and the results prove the efficiency of the proposed prototype in comparison to existing technologies
ISSN: 2237-5228
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