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Title: Superconductivity in the 2D attractive Hubbard model within a functional field-theorical RG
Authors: Ferraz Filho, Álvaro
Correa, Eberth
Freire, Hermann
Keywords: Renormalization group;Attractive Hubbard model;superconductivity
Issue Date: 10-Nov-2011
Citation: CORREA, Eberth; FREIRE, Hermann; FERRAZ FILHO, Alvaro. Superconductivity in the 2D attractive Hubbard model within a functional field-theorical RG. International Journal Of Modern Physics B, [s.l.], v. 25, n. 28, p. 3691-3706, 10 nov. 2011. ISSN 0217-9792. DOI Disponível em: Acesso em: 16 abr. 2020. .
Portuguese Abstract: We apply the functional field-theoretical renormalization group methodology up to twoloop order to the 2D attractive Hubbard model for weak bare interaction. Since the momentum-resolved quasiparticle weight ZΛ(p) is always close to unity in the RG flow, higher-order quantum fluctuations do not affect crucially the low-energy dynamics in this case. As a result, we observe a s-wave singlet superconducting quasi-long-range order phase as a function of doping in good agreement with other numerical methods. To assess the role played by the fluctuations we compare the critical temperature Tc in which the quasi-long-range superconducting order phase takes place within our approach with mean-field theory and quantum Monte Carlo results.
ISSN: 0217-9792 (print), 1793-6578 (online)
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