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Title: Giant magnetoimpedance effect in Co2FeAl single layered and Co2FeAl/Ag multilayered films in amorphous substrates
Authors: Silva, Anderson Max Cirilo da
Escobar, Vivian Montarddo
Callegari, G.L.
Agra, Kennedy Leite
Feitosa, Carlos Chesman de Araújo
Bohn, Felipe
Corrêa, Marcio Assolin
Keywords: Spintronics;CFA;Magnetoimpedance;Ferromagnetic films
Issue Date: 8-May-2015
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: SILVA, A.M.; ESCOBAR, V.M.; CALLEGARI, G.L.; AGRA, K.; CHESMAN, C.; BOHN, F.; CORRÊA, M.A.. Giant magnetoimpedance effect in Co2FeAl single layered and Co2FeAl/Ag multilayered films in amorphous substrates. Materials Letters (General ed.), v. 156, p. 90-93, 2015. Disponível em: Acesso em: 23 mai. 2020.
Portuguese Abstract: We investigate the structural, quasi-static and dynamic magnetic properties of a Co2FeAl single layered film and a Co2FeAl/Ag multilayer, both grown onto amorphous substrate. We verify that both films have A2 structure and anisotropic magnetic behavior, as well as present the well-known magnetoimpedance behavior of anisotropic systems. The magnetization dynamics is discussed in terms of the mechanisms that govern the magnetoimpedance effect in a wide range of frequencies, as well as of the orientation between the external magnetic field and electrical current with respect to the magnetic anisotropy. The single layer has the largest magnetoimpedance variations values of 50% for 3.0 GHz, while the multilayer present considerable higher values, reaching to 200% at the same frequency. The association of kind of sample structure, anisotropic magnetic behavior and low damping parameter α of the CFA alloy opens possibilities to reach higher magnetoimpedance performances. The results place the CFA full-Heusler alloy as a promising candidate for applications in magnetoimpedance-based sensors and radio frequency range devices
ISSN: 0167-577X
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