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Title: Statistical properties of the quantum internet
Authors: Brito, Samuraí Gomes de Aguiar
Silva, Askery Alexandre Canabarro Barbosa da
Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto
Cavalcanti, Daniel
Keywords: Network phase transitions;Network structure;Photonics;Quantum communication;Quantum networks
Issue Date: 27-May-2020
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: BRITO, Samuraí; CANABARRO, Askery; CHAVES, Rafael; CAVALCANTI, Daniel. Statistical Properties of the Quantum Internet. Physical Review Letters, [S.L.], v. 124, n. 21, p. 210501, 27 maio 2020. Disponível em: Acesso em: 03 set. 2020.
Portuguese Abstract: Steady technological advances are paving the way for the implementation of the quantum internet, a network of locations interconnected by quantum channels. Here we propose a model to simulate a quantum internet based on optical fibers and employ network-theory techniques to characterize the statistical properties of the photonic networks it generates. Our model predicts a continuous phase transition between a disconnected and a highly connected phase and that the typical photonic networks do not present the small world property. We compute the critical exponents characterizing the phase transition, provide quantitative estimates for the minimum density of nodes needed to have a fully connected network and for the average distance between nodes. Our results thus provide quantitative benchmarks for the development of a quantum internet
ISSN: 0031-9007
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