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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2009A combined laser flash photolysis, density functional theory and atoms in molecules study of the photochemical hydrogen abstraction by pyrene-4,5-dioneLucas, Nanci Câmara de; Elias, Mônica Maciel; Firme, Caio Lima; Corrêa, Rodrigo José; Garden, Simon John; Netto-Ferreira, José Carlos; Nicodem, David Ernest
17-Oct-2013New insights into the stability of alkenes and alkynes, fluoro-substituted or not: a DFT, G4, QTAIM and GVB studyFreitas, Gutto Raffyson Silva de; Firme, Caio Lima
5-Apr-2013Relation between topology and stability of bent titanocenesSantos, Hugo Felix Lima dos; Pontes, Daniel de Lima; Firme, Caio Lima
19-Dec-2015Synthesis, NMR data and theoretical study of semi-synthetic derivatives from trans-dehydrocrotoninSoares, Breno Almeida; Maciel, Maria Aparecida Medeiros; Castro, Rosane Nora; Kaiser, Carlos R.; Firme, Caio Lima
2014Propriedades relacionadas à acidez e basicidade a partir da abordagem em química computacionalSilva, Sérgio Ruschi Bergamachi; Firme, Caio Lima; Lima, Kássio Michell Gomes de