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Title: Prevalence of ulcerative stomatitis in arbovirus infections in a Brazilian Northeast population
Authors: Barros, Ana Maria Ipólito
Martins-de-Barros, Allan Vinícius
Costa, Moan Jéfter Fernandes
Sette-de-Souza, Pedro Henrique
Lucena, Eudes Euler de Souza
Araújo, Fábio Andrey da Costa
Keywords: Arbovirus infections;Dengue;Chikungunya fever;Zika virus
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Medicina Oral S.L
Citation: BARROS, Ana Maria Ipólito; MARTINS-DE-BARROS, Allan Vinícius; COSTA, Moan Jéfter Fernandes; SETTE-DE-SOUZA, Pedro Henrique; LUCENA, Eudes Euler de Souza; ARAÚJO, Fábio Andrey da Costa. Prevalence of ulcerative stomatitis in arbovirus infections in a Brazilian Northeast population. Medicina Oral Patología Oral y Cirugia Bucal, [s. l.], p. 810-817, 2020. Disponível em: Acesso em: 05 mar. 2021.
Portuguese Abstract: Background: although there are no population-based studies that support an association, there are reports in the literature of mucocutaneous, vesiculobullous and ulcerated lesions in the oral mucosa in cases of arbovirus infection. The aim of this study is to analyze the prevalence of ulcerative stomatitis in individuals affected by arboviruses in a population of the municipality of Arcoverde, Pernambuco, Brazil. Material and Methods: 1,003 people living in an area assigned to a Primary Health Care Unit were interviewed. A structured questionnaire was used for data collection, with questions about sociodemographic variables, residence conditions, general health information, as well as information about the general signs and symptoms of arboviruses and specifically about oral lesions. Results: Of the 1,003 individuals interviewed, 815 (81.25%) were infected by one or more arboviruses. Of these, 147 (18%) reported ulcerated oral lesions during arbovirus infections. The association between arbovirus infections and the presence of ulcerated oral lesions was statistically significant (p = 0.000). Conclusions: in these cases, the ulcerated lesions on the oral mucosa appear to be associated with arbovirus infection, especially Chikungunya, although the pathophysiological mechanisms are not defined, and the studies are not sufficient to confirm this association
ISSN: 1698-4447
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