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Title: WoundArch: a hybrid architecture system for segmentation and classification of chronic wounds
Authors: Rocha, Carlos Diego
Carvalho, Bruno Motta
Marques, Vitor Godeiro
Silva, Bruno Santana
Keywords: Chronic Wounds;Devices Furniture;Watershed;Image Processing
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: ROCHA, Carlos Diego; CARVALHO, Bruno Motta, MARQUES, Vitor Godeiro; SILVA, Bruno Santana. WoundArch: a hybrid architecture system for segmentation and classification of chronic wounds. In: INTERNATIONAL JOINT CONFERENCE ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES, 14., 2021. Proceedings... BIOSTEC, 2021. SCITEPRESS – Science and Technology Publications. DOI: 10.5220/0010341406510658 Disponível em: . Acesso em 19 abr. 2021.
Portuguese Abstract: Every year, millions of people are affected by wounds worldwide. The wound treatment process is costly and requires the nurse to perform activities during patient care: tissue classification and calculation of the wound area. Thus, this work proposes to build a hybrid computer system with two configurations to support wound care. The first configuration uses a smartphone to perform the capture, segmentation and classification of the wound images. The other configuration has a client-server architecture, the images are captured and segmented in the application and sent, via the internet, to the web server, which is responsible for classifying the tissue of the wounds. The proposed methodology is the segmentation of images using the watershed algorithm and classification of tissues in Necrosis, Granulation or Crushing. fulfilled. To evaluate the application, experiments were performed with 20 images of wounds and the system was evaluated in two architectures: client and client-server. The results show that the client-server reached accelerations of up to 3.2 times in relation to the client-only architecture. The client-server architecture also saves energy and space in the client units, increasing the uptime of smartphones, in addition to reducing the storage load of the same.
ISSN: 978-989-758-490-9
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