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Title: The thermal decomposition of monohydrated ammonium oxotris (oxalate) niobate
Authors: Medeiros, F. F. P.
Moura, Maria de Fátima Vitória de
Silva, A. G. P. da
Souza, Carlson Pereira de
Gomes, K. K. P.
Gomes, Uílame Umbelino Gomes
Keywords: Thermal decomposition;Thermal analysis;Infrared;Niobium complex
Issue Date: Dec-2006
Publisher: Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering
Citation: MEDEIROS, Francisca de Fatima Pegado de; MOURA, M. F. V.; SILVA, Angelus Giusepe Pereira da; SOUZA, Carlson Pereira de; GOMES, Kalyanne Keyle Pereira; GOMES, Uílame Umbelino. The thermal decomposition of monohydrated ammonium oxotris (oxalate) niobate. Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, v. 23, p. 531-538, 2006. Disponível em: Acesso em: 23 abr. 2021.
Portuguese Abstract: The thermal decomposition in argon of the monohydrated ammonium tris(oxalate)niobate, (NH4)3NbO(C2O4)3.H 2O, has been studied by TG/DTG, DTA, DSC, IR absorption and XRD. The material decomposes stepwise by the release of CO, CO2, NH3 and water. The atomic structure of the complex initially becomes amorphous and then crystallizes twice in the form of orthorhombic and monoclinic niobium pentoxide
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