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Title: Advanced oxidation processes and their application in the petroleum industry: a review
Authors: Chiavone Filho, Osvaldo
Mota, André Luis Novais
Albuquerque, Liana Filgueira
Beltrame, Leocádia Terezinha Cordeiro
Machulek Júnior, Amilcar
Nascimento, Cláudio Augusto Oller do
Keywords: Advanced oxidation processes;Petrochemical wastewater;Oil wastewater;Hydrocarbons degradation;Photocatalysis;Fenton’s reagent;Photo-Fenton;Ozonation;Wet air oxidation;Eelectro-oxidation;Wastewater treatment
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Brazilian Journal of Petroleum and Gas
Citation: MOTA, André Luís Novais; ALBUQUERQUE, Liana Filgueira; Beltrame, L.T.C.; CHIAVONE-FILHO, Osvaldo; MACHULEK JR., Amilcar ; NASCIMENTO, Cláudio Augusto Oller do. Advanced oxidation processes and their application in the petroleum industry: a review. Brazilian Journal of Petroleum and Gas, v. 2, p. 122-142, 2008. Disponível em: Acesso em: 22 jun. 2021.
Portuguese Abstract: Advanced oxidation processes (AOP) are technologies based on the generation of highly reactive species, the hydroxyl radicals, used in oxidative degradation procedures for organic compounds dissolved or dispersed in aquatic media. These processes are promising alternatives for decontamination of media containing dissolved recalcitrant organic substances, which would not be efficiently removed by conventional methods. The present paper describes a series of AOP, analyzing the aspects related to each type of process, such as the interference of external agents and the ideal operating conditions, based on the analysis and comparison of different studies in the area. In addition, several applied AOP studies on treatment of oil wastewater and on remediation of soil contaminated with oil or its derivatives are presented
ISSN: 1982-0593
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