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Title: Oxidative stability of blended sunflower and castor biodiesel by Rancimat and static mode P- DSC
Authors: Nascimento, Rubens Maribondo do
Chellappa, Thiago
Rosa, José Guilherme da Silva Santa
Santos, Dino Lincoln Figueiroa
Boufleur, Rodrigo Naumann
Paiva, Isadora V. D. L.
Lèger, Tom
Chellappa, Naithirithi T.
Keywords: Biodiesel;Alternate fuels;Oxidation;Calorimeter
Issue Date: 15-Oct-2019
Publisher: Informa UK Limited
Citation: CHELLAPPA, Thiago; ROSA, José G. D. S. Santa; SANTOS, Dino L. F.; BOUFLEUR, Rodrigo N.; PAIVA, Isadora V. D. L.; LÈGER, Tom; CHELLAPPA, Naithirithi T.; NASCIMENTO, Rubens M. Oxidative stability of blended sunflower and castor biodiesel by Rancimat and static mode P-DSC. Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, [S.L.], p. 1-10, 15 out. 2019. Disponível em: Acesso em: 31 mar. 2021.
Portuguese Abstract: Biodiesel is composed of saturated and unsaturated long chain fatty acid alkyl esters. Due to these unsaturated compounds, there is a susceptibility to the autoxidation process. Castor biodiesel has excellent thermal and oxidative stabilities due to its chemical composition. Blends of sunflower and castor were obtained in the ratios 20, 40, 60 and 80% m/m with the intention to study the effect of the addition of castor biodiesel on the induction period of sunflower biodiesel of low oxidative stability, employing the Rancimat method (EN 14112) and P-DSC isothermal mode. The above mentioned blend containing 40% of castor biodiesel in sunflower biodiesel meets the specification of oxidative stability (6 hours). Furthermore, it was observed that the addition of castor biodiesel is interesting, since it improves the resistance to the oxidation of sunflower. The results obtained by Rancimat and P-DSC were consistent with respect to the analysis of biodiesel blends, indicating that the use of P-DSC technique to study the oxidative stability is quite promising
ISSN: 1556-7036
Embargoed until: 2030-12
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