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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Nov-2018Effect of hydration with Ringer's solution submitted to magnetic field in an experimental model of hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury in ratsCarriço, Artur da Silva; Azevedo, Ítalo Medeiros de; Freire, Juliana Mendonça; Souza, Jeovana Pinheiro Fernandes; Azevedo, Fabio Medeiros de; Medeiros, Aldo Cunha
9-Nov-2018Effect of Ringer's solution submitted to magnetic field in renal ischemia-reperfusion model in ratsCarriço, Artur da Silva; Medeiros, Aldo Cunha; Souza, Jeovana Pinheiro Fernandes de; Freire, Juliana Mendonça; Azevedo, Italo Medeiros; Azevedo, Fabio Medeiros de
2002Effects of composition on the stability of the magnetic order of ferrimagnetic multilayersDantas, Ana L.; Vieira, Selma R.; Carriço, Artur da Silva
15-Jul-1986Effects of electron-electron correlations on defect and interface states in amorphous Si and Si02 systemsCarriço, Artur da Silva; Barrio, R. A.; Elliot, R. J.
Nov-2015Evaluation of (BH)max and magnetic anisotropy of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles synthesized in gelatinAraújo, José Humberto de; Lima, Aldenir Cavalcanti; Torres, Marco Morales; Soares, João Maria; Melo, Daniel Macedo A.; Carriço, Artur da Silva
15-Apr-1997Exchange coupled domain walls: Resonance in multilayersCarriço, Artur da Silva; Stamps, R. L.; Wigen, P. E.
Sep-2000Excitations of Domain Walls Pinned at F/AF Interface StepsCarriço, Artur da Silva; Dantas, Ana Lucia
5-Dec-2017Excitations of interface pinned domain walls in constrained geometriesCarriço, Artur da Silva; Dantas, Ana Lucia; Martins, S. M. S. B.; Oliveira, L. L.; Rebouças, G. O. G.
2-Oct-2012Ferromagnetic resonance of compensated ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic bilayersCarriço, Artur da Silva; Dantas, Ana L.; Oliveira, L. L.; Silva, M. L.
1-Nov-1992Finite-size effects on spin configurations in antiferromagnetically coupled multilayersCarriço, Artur da Silva; Camley, R. E.; Nörtemann, F. C.; Stamps, R. L.
24-Mar-2011Giant magnetocaloric effect of thin Ho filmsCarriço, Artur da Silva; Medeiros Filho, F. C.; Mello, V. D.; Dantas, A. L.; Salles, F. H. S.
2005Heat capacity of compensated F/AF bilayersSilva, M. L.; Dantas, Ana L.; Carriço, Artur da Silva
26-Aug-2015Impact of core-shell dipolar interaction on magnetic phases of spherical core-shell nanoparticlesCarriço, Artur da Silva; Medeiros Filho, F. C.; Oliveira, L. L.; Pedrosa, S. S.; Rebouças, G. O. G.; Dantas, Ana L.
1989Influence of nonlinearities on the pass band structure of magnetic superlatticesCarriço, Artur da Silva; Almeida, N. S.
2005Interface roughness effects on coercivity and exchange biasDantas, Ana L.; Rebouças, G. O. G.; Silva, André S. W. T.; Carriço, Artur da Silva
1-Oct-2000Local modes of thin magnetic filmsCarriço, Artur da Silva; Dantas, Ana Lucia; Stamps, R. L.
1982Low - temperature interface specific heat due to localized modesCarriço, Artur da Silva; Albuquerque, E. L.
1-Mar-1999Magnetic behavior of thin rare-earth filmsCarriço, Artur da Silva; Almeida, N. S.; Mello, V. D.
1996Magnetic behaviour of the antiferromagnet FeTa2O6Carriço, Artur da Silva; Cunha, J. B. Marimon; Fraga, G. L. F.; Santos, C. A. dos; Schmittd, D.; Zawislak, L. I.
2007Magnetic Carriers: A Promising Device for Targeting Drugs Into the Human BodySilva, A. K. A.; Silva, É. L.; Carriço, Artur da Silva; Egito, E. S. T.