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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Continuous live imaging of adult neural stem cell division and lineage progression in vitroCosta, Marcos R.; Ortega, Felipe; Brill, Monika S.; Beckervordersandforth, Ruth; Petrone, Ciro; Schroeder, Timm; Götz, Magdalena; Berninger, Benedikt
4-Apr-2013Reactive Glia in the Injured Brain Acquire Stem Cell Properties in Response to Sonic HedgehogSirko, Swetlana; Behrendt, Gwendolyn; Johansson, Pia Annette; Tripathi, Pratibha; Costa, Marcos Romualdo; Bek, Sarah; Heinrich, Christophe; Tiedt, Steffen; Colak, Dilek; Dichgans, Martin; Fischer, Isabel Rebekka; Plesnila, Nikolaus; Staufenbiel, Matthias; Haass, Christian; Snapyan, Marina; Saghatelyan, Armen; Li-Huei, Tsai; Fischer, André; Grobe, Kay; Dimou, Leda; Götz, Magdalena
3-Nov-2011Using an adherent cell culture of the mouse subependymal zone to study the behavior of adult neural stem cells on a single-cell levelOrtega, Felipe; Costa, Marcos R; Simon-Ebert, Tatiana; Schroeder, Timm; Götz, Magdalena