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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Aug-2015EMERGENCE OF INVARIANT REPRESENTATION OF 2 VOCALIZATIONS IN THE AUDITORY CORTEXCarruthers, Isaac M.; Laplagne, Diego; Jaegle, Andrew; Briguglio, John; Mwilambwe-Tshilobo, Laetitia; Natan, Ryan G.; Geffen, Maria N.
Sep-2010Processamento metamodal no córtex sensorial primario de ratosCaixeta, Fábio Viegas; Belchior, Hindiael; Laplagne, Diego; Freire, Marco; Nicolelis, Miguel; Ribeiro, Sidarta
Sep-2016Rats Synchronize Locomotion with Ultrasonic Vocalizations at the Subsecond Time ScaleLaplagne, Diego; Costa, Martín Elías