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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Histopathological review of 667 cases of oral mucoceles with emphasis on uncommon histopathological variationsMonteiro, Bárbara Vanessa de Brito; Bezerra, Thâmara Manoela Marinho Bezerra; Silveira, Ericka Janine Dantas da; Nonaka, Cassiano Francisco Weege; Miguel, Marcia Cristina da Costa
2015Participation of hMLH1, p63, and MDM2 proteins in the pathogenesis of syndromic and nonsyndromic keratocystic odontogenic tumorsMonteiro, Bárbara Vanessa de Brito; Cavalcante, Roberta Barroso; Nogueira, Renato Luiz Maia; Miguel, Marcia Cristina da Costa; Nonaka, Cassiano Francisco Weege; Silveira, Ericka Janine Dantas da
2013Severe florid cemento-osseous dysplasia: a case report treated conservatively and literature reviewSarmento, Dmitry José de Santana; Monteiro, Bárbara Vanessa de Brito; Medeiros, Ana Miryam Costa de; Silveira, Ericka Janine Dantas da