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Título: Sleep and school education
Autor(es): Ribeiro, Sidarta
Stickgold, Robert
Palavras-chave: Learning and memory;Sleep;Dream;Pedagogy
Data do documento: Mar-2014
Editor: Elsevier
Referência: RIBEIRO, Sidarta; STICKGOLD, Robert. Sleep and school education. Trends in Neuroscience and Education, mar. 2014.
Abstract: Sleep has emerged in the past decades as a key process for memory consolidation and restructuring. Given the universality of sleep across cultures, the need to reduce educational inequality, the low implementation cost of a sleep-based pedagogy, and its global scalability, it is surprising that the potential of improved sleep as a means of enhancing school education has remained largely unexploited. Students of various socio-economic status often suffer from sleep deficits. In principle, the optimization of sleep schedules both before and after classes should produce large positive benefits for learning. Here we review the biological and psychological phenomena underlying the cognitive role of sleep, present the few published studies on sleep and learning that have been performed in schools, and discuss potential applications of sleep to the school setting. Translational research on sleep and learning has never seemed more appropriate.
ISSN: 2211-9493
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