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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017On the incidence of wise infrared excess among solar analog, twin, and sibling starsCosta, A. D. da; Martins, Bruno Leonardo Canto; Leão, Izan Castro; Lima Jr, J. E.; Silva, D. Freire da; Freitas, D. B. de; Medeiros, José Renan de
2014Measuring the Alfvénic nature of the interestellar medium: velocity anisotropy revisitedBurkhart, Blakesley; Lazarian, A.; Leao, I. C.; Medeiros, José Renan de; Esquivel, A.
14-Oct-2016Non-additive model for specific heat of electronsAnselmo, Dory Hélio Aires de Lima; Vasconcelos, Manoel Silva de; Silva Junior, Raimundo; Mello, V. D.
2013A non-extensive approach to the stellar rotational evolution – I: F- and G-type starsFreitas, D. B. de; Medeiros, José Renan de
18-Jan-2010Nonextensive quantum H-theoremAnselmo, Dory Hélio Aires de Lima; Silva, R.; Alcaniz, J. S.
Dec-2016Octonacci photonic crystals with negative refraction index materialsAnselmo, Dory Hélio Aires de Lima; Brandão, E. R.; Vasconcelos, Manoel Silva de
2-May-2014Analysis of fractal groups of the type d-(m, r)-Cantor within the framework of Kaniadakis statisticsAnselmo, Dory Hélio Aires de Lima; Souza, N. T. C. M.; Mello, V. D.; Silva Junior, Raimundo
2011Ten CoRoT eclipsing binaries: photometric solutionsMaciel, S.C; Osorio, Y.F.M; Medeiros, José Renan de
2015Chemical abundances and kinematics of 257 G-, K-type field giants: setting a base for further analysis of giant-planet properties orbiting evolved starsAdibekyan, V. Zh; Benamati, L; Santos, N. C; Alves, S; Lovis, C; Udry, S; Israelian, G; Sousa, S. G; Tsantaki, M; Mortier, A; Sozzetti, A; Medeiros, José Renan de
9-May-2015Octonacci photonic quasicrystalsAnselmo, Dory Hélio Aires de Lima; Brandão, E. R.; Costa, C. H.; Vasconcelos, Manoel Silva de; Mello, V. D.