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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Aug-2016A Naturalistic Assessment of the Organization of Children’s Memories Predicts Cognitive Functioning and Reading AbilityMota, Natália Bezerra; Weissheimer, Janaína; Madruga, Beatriz; Adamy, Nery; Bunge, Silvia A.; Copelli, Mauro; Ribeiro, Sidarta
13-Oct-2016Music Proficiency and Quantification of Absolute Pitch: A Large-Scale Study among Brazilian MusiciansLeite, Raphael B. C.; Mota-Rolim, Sergio A.; Queiroz, Claudio M. T.
2016The ontogeny of discourse structure mimics the development of literatureMota, Natália B.; Pinheiro, Sylvia; Sigman, Mariano; Slezak, Diego Fernandez; Cecchi, Guillermo; Copelli, Mauro; Ribeiro, Sidarta
7-Dec-2016On cross-frequency phase-phase coupling between theta and gamma oscillations in the hippocampusScheffer-Teixeira, Robson; Tort, Adriano BL
19-Jan-2016On the photovoltaic effect in local field potential recordingsMikulovic, Sanja; Pupe, Stefano; Peixoto, Helton Maia; Nascimento, George C. Do; Kullander, Klas; Tort, Adriano B. L.; Leão, Richardson N.
2016Shannon entropy of brain functional complex networks under the influence of the psychedelic AyahuascaViol, A.; Palhano-Fontes, Fernanda; Onias, Heloisa; Araujo, Draulio B. de; Viswanathan, G. M.
2016Variation in glucocorticoid levels: survival and reproductive demands in wild black capuchins (Sapajus nigritus)Moreira, Caio M.; Santos, Lucas Peternelli dos; Sousa, Maria Bernardete C. de; Izar, Patrícia
2016NFAT1 Transcription Factor Regulates Cell Cycle Progression and Cyclin E Expression in B LymphocytesTeixeira, Leonardo K.; Carrossini, Nina; Sécca, Cristiane; Kroll, José E.; DaCunha, Déborah C.; Faget, Douglas V.; Carvalho, Lilian D. S.; Souza, Sandro J. de; Viola, João P. B.
2016Motor Coordination Correlates with Academic Achievement and Cognitive Function in ChildrenFernandes, Valter R.; Ribeiro, Michelle L. Scipião; Melo, Thais; Maciel-Pinheiro, Paulo de Tarso; Guimarães, Thiago T.; Araújo, Narahyana B.; Ribeiro, Sidarta; Deslandes, Andréa C.
2016Monitoring cell-cell contacts in vivo in transgenic animalsHuang, Ting-Hao; Velho, Tarciso; Lois, Carlos