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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Global slowing of network oscillations in mouse neocortex by diazepamScheffzük, Claudia; Kukushka, Valeriy I.; Vyssotski, Alexei L.; Draguhn, Andreas; Tort, Adriano B.L.; Branka, Jurij
2013Neurobiology and clinical implications of lucid dreamingMota-Rolim, Sérgio A.; Araujo, John F.
2-Aug-2013Ketamine alters oscillatory coupling in the hoppocampusCaixeta, Fábio; Cornélio, Alianda; Scheffer-Teixeira, Robson; Ribeiro, Sidarta; Tort, Adriano
2013The Visual Callosal Connection: A Connection Like Any Other?Schmidt, Kerstin E.
23-Jul-2013Synchronization through nonreciprocal connections in a hybrid hippocampus microcircuitHilscher, Markus M.; Leão, Katarina E.; Leão, Richardson N.
2013Relação entre qualidade do sono e funções cognitivas em pacientes com doença de ParkinsonSantos, Altair Brito dos; Campos, Shirley L.; Ribeiro, Sidarta; Morales, Ludis; Gonzalez, Janneth; Trindade, Joabes dos Santos; Barreto, George E.
2013The growth of glioblastoma orthotopic xenografts in nude mice is directly correlated with impaired object recognition memoryAna PaulaWasilewska-Sampaio; Tiago G. Santos; Marilene Hohmuth Lopes; Martin Cammarota; Vilma Regina Martins
30-Jul-2013Processing of hierarchical syntactic strusture in musicKoelsh, Stefan; Rohrmeier, Martin; Torrecuso, Renzo; Jentschke, Sebastian
2013Litter size, age-related memory impairments, and microglial changes in rat dentate gyrus: stereological analysis and three dimensional morphometryViana, LC; Lima, CM; Oliveira, MA; Borges, RP; Cardoso, TT; Almeida, IN; Diniz, DG; Bento-Torres, J; Pereira, A; Batista-de-Oliveira, M; Lopes, AA; Silva, RF; Abadie-Guedes, R; Amâncio Dos Santos, A; Lima, DS; Vasconcelos, PF; Cunningham, C; Guedes, RC; Picanço-Diniz, CW
2013Molecular signatures and mechanisms of long-lasting memory consolidation and storageKatche, Cynthia; Cammarota, Martín; Medina, Jorge H.