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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Theta-associated high-frequency oscillations (110–160 Hz) in the hippocampus and neocortexTort, Adriano B.L.; Scheffer-Teixeira, Robson; Souza, Bryan C.; Draguhn, Andreas; Brankacˇk, Jurij
24-Jan-2013Gene Copy-Number Polymorphism Caused by Retrotransposition in HumansSchrider, Daniel R.; Navarro, Fabio C. P.; Galante, Pedro A. F.; Parmigiani, Raphael B.; Camargo, Anamaria A.; Hahn, Matthew W.; Souza, Sandro J. de
23-Jan-2013On High-Frequency Field Oscillations ( 100 Hz) and the Spectral Leakage of Spiking ActivityScheffer-Teixeira, Robson; Belchior, Hindiael; Leão, Richardson N.; Ribeiro, Sidarta; Tort, Adriano B. L.
2013Quantification of BOLD fMRI Parameters to Infer Cerebrovascular Reactivity of the Middle Cerebral ArteryMazzetto-Betti, Kelley C.; Leoni, Renata F.; Pontes-Neto, Octavio M.; Sturzbecher, Marcio J.; Santos, Antonio C.; Leite, Joao P.; Silva, Afonso C.; Araujo, Draulio B. de
2013Litter size, age-related memory impairments, and microglial changes in rat dentate gyrus: stereological analysis and three dimensional morphometryViana, LC; Lima, CM; Oliveira, MA; Borges, RP; Cardoso, TT; Almeida, IN; Diniz, DG; Bento-Torres, J; Pereira, A; Batista-de-Oliveira, M; Lopes, AA; Silva, RF; Abadie-Guedes, R; Amâncio Dos Santos, A; Lima, DS; Vasconcelos, PF; Cunningham, C; Guedes, RC; Picanço-Diniz, CW
2013Adult neural stem cells: plastic or restricted neuronal fates?Sequerra, Eduardo B.; Costa, Marcos R.; Menezes, João R. L.; Hedin-Pereira, Cecilia
2013The synaptic protein encoded by the gene Slc10A4 suppresses epileptiform activity and regulates sensitivity to cholinergic chemoconvulsantsJ. Zelano; S. Mikulovic; K. Patra; M. Kühnemund; M. Larhammar; L. Emilsson; R. Leao; K. Kullander
2013"Extended Fitness" hypothesis: a link between individual and group selectionSouza, S.J. de
2013The Human Cell Surfaceome of Breast TumorsJúlia Pinheiro Chagas da Cunha; Pedro Alexandre Favoretto Galante; Jorge Estefano Santana de Souza; Martin Pieprzyk; DirceMaria Carraro; Lloyd J. Old; Anamaria Aranha Camargo; Sandro José de Souza
2013Testing for Natural Selection in Human Exonic Splicing Regulators Associated with Evolutionary Rate ShiftsRamalho, Rodrigo F.; Gelfman, Sahar; Souza, Jorge E. de; Ast, Gil; Souza, Sandro J. de; Meyer, Diogo