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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Feb-2015The Psychedelic State Induced by Ayahuasca Modulates the Activity and Connectivity of the Default Mode NetworkPalhano-Fontes, Fernanda; Andrade, Katia C.; Tofoli, Luis F.; Santos, Antonio C.; Crippa, Jose Alexandre S.; Hallak, Jaime E. C.; Ribeiro, Sidarta; Araujo, Draulio B. de
12-Jan-2015Specification of excitatory neurons in the developing cerebral cortex: progenitor diversity and environmental influencesMarcos R. Costa; Ulrich Müller
28-Apr-2015Interplay of environmental signals and progenitor diversity on fate specification of cortical GABAergic neuronsBrandão, Juliana A.; Romcy-Pereira, Rodrigo N.
22-Apr-2015Requirement for BDNF in the Reconsolidation of Fear ExtinctionRadiske, Andressa; Rossato, Janine I.; Köhler, Cristiano A.; Gonzalez, Maria Carolina; Medina, Jorge H.
2015Experience-dependent upregulation of multiple plasticity factors in the hippocampus during early REM sleepCalais, Julien Braga; Ojopi, Elida Benquique; Morya, Edgard; Sameshima, Koichi; Ribeiro, Sidarta
2015The Brave New Brain WorldRibeiro, Sidarta
16-Jan-2015D2 dopamine receptor regulation of learning, sleep and plasticityFrança, A.S.C.; Lobão-Soares, B.; Muratori, L.; Jeronimo, S.M.B.; Ribeiro, S.
2015Can vocal conditioning trigger a semiotic ratchet in marmosets?Turesson, Hjalmar K.; Ribeiro, Sidarta
26-Aug-2015EMERGENCE OF INVARIANT REPRESENTATION OF 2 VOCALIZATIONS IN THE AUDITORY CORTEXCarruthers, Isaac M.; Laplagne, Diego; Jaegle, Andrew; Briguglio, John; Mwilambwe-Tshilobo, Laetitia; Natan, Ryan G.; Geffen, Maria N.
2-Mar-2015Molecular, Neurochemical, and Behavioral Hallmarks of Reserpine as a Model for Parkinson’s Disease: New Perspectives to a Long-Standing ModelLeão, Anderson H.F.F.; Sarmento-Silva, Aldair J.; Santos, José R.; Ribeiro, Alessandra M.; Silva, Regina H.