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Title: Processing of hierarchical syntactic strusture in music
Authors: Koelsh, Stefan
Rohrmeier, Martin
Torrecuso, Renzo
Jentschke, Sebastian
Keywords: context-free grammar;electroencephalography;EEG;syntax;parsing
Issue Date: 30-Jul-2013
Publisher: nacional Academy of Sciences
Citation: KOELSH, Stefan; ROHRMEIER, Martin; TORRECUSO, Renzo; JENTSCHKE, Sebastian. Processing of hierarchical syntactic strusture in music. PNAS. Boston, v., n., jul., 2013.
Abstract: Hierarchical structure with nested nonlocal dependencies is a key feature of human language and can be identified theoretically in most pieces of tonal music. However, previous studies have argued against the perception of such structures in music. Here, we show processing of nonlocal dependencies in music. We presented chorales by J. S. Bach and modified versions inwhich the hierarchical structure was rendered irregular whereas the local structure was kept intact. Brain electric responses differed between regular and irregular hierarchical structures, in both musicians and nonmusicians. This finding indicates that, when listening to music, humans apply cognitive processes that are capable of dealing with longdistance dependencies resulting from hierarchically organized syntactic structures. Our results reveal that a brain mechanism fundamental for syntactic processing is engaged during the perception of music, indicating that processing of hierarchical structure with nested nonlocal dependencies is not just a key component of human language, but a multidomain capacity of human cognition.
ISSN: 1091-6490
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