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Title: Metabolic and hematologic consequences of colectomy associated to hepatectomy in rats
Other Titles: Consequências metabólicas e hematológicas da colectomia associada à hepatectomia em ratos
Authors: Carvalho, Marília Daniela Ferreira
Araújo Filho, Irami
Azevedo, Ítalo Medeiros
Rêgo, Amália Cínthia Meneses
Medeiros, Aldo Cunha
Keywords: Colectomy;Hepatectomy;Metabolism;Biological Availability;Technetium;Rats
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: CARVALHO, Marília Daniela Ferreira; ARAUJO FILHO, Irami ; AZEVEDO, Ítalo Medeiros de ; REGO, Amália Cínthia Meneses; MEDEIROS, Aldo. Cunha . Metabolic and hematologic consequences of colectomy associated to hepatectomy in rats. Acta Cirurgica Brasileira, v. 26, p. 503-507, 2011.
Abstract: To investigate the influence of partial colectomy associated with hepatectomy on the biodistribution of the 99mTc-phytate, on metabolic parameters, as well as labeling and morphology of red blood cells. METHODS: Wistar rats were distributed into three groups (each with six), nominated as colectomy, colectomy+hepatectomy and sham. In the 30th postoperative day all rats were injected with 99mTc-phytate 0.1mL i.v. (radioactivity 0.66 MBq). After 15 minutes, liver sample was harvested and weighed. Percentage radioactivity per gram of tissue (%ATI/g) was determined using an automatic gammacounter. Serum AST, ALT, alkaline phosphatase and red blood cells labeling were determined. RESULTS: The liver %ATI/g and red blood cells labeling were lower in colectomy and colectomy+hepatectomy rats than in sham rats (p <0.05), and no difference was detected comparing the colectomy and colectomy+hepatectomy groups. Red blood cells morphology did not differ among groups. Serum levels of AST, ALT and alkaline fosfatase were significantly higher in colectomy+hepatectomy than in colectomy rats (p<0.001). CONCLUSION: Hepatectomy associated with colectomy lowered the uptake of radiopharmaceutical in liver and in red blood cells in rats, coinciding with changes in liver enzymatic activity.
ISSN: 1678-2674
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